BABY BODY Sea Sponge (size S)


Body Sea Sponge Fina Silk. Size S (9 – 10 cm). Size ideal for babies. Volo Sea Sponge is rich in organic Iodine and has hypoallergic and antiseptic properties: perfect for baby skin and for people with dry, sensitive skin. Provides a really gentle skin cleaning, babies will love the silky soft structure. You can use it separately or with favorite soap or shower gel: Volo sea sponge makes a really rich foam that cleans whole body just with one drop of shower gel. Before use let it soak under hot water and after use clean it under hot water. Let dry (the best on the sun). Change approximately every 6 month, according to use.

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Gentle care

  • Hypoallergenic and antiseptic

  • Gentle body cleaning

  • Perfect for baby  baths and for kids

Fina silk

  • Fine texture, Soft and Silky

  • Velvet to touch

  • Creates rich foam


  • 100% Nature sea product 

  • 300 years tradition in picking the sea sponges to upgrade their natural grow

  • Rich in Iodine and minerals


  • Before use let soak under hot water

  • After use please clean under hot water and let dry (the best on the sun)

  • Change every 6 month (Although Volo Sea Sponge has its properties for years, with the right usage)


“Made by  nature” product

Silky Soft Structure



Rich in organic Iodine

Gentle skin cleaning

Ideal for kids and babies

Ideal for people with dry and sensitive skin

Perfect alternative for synthetic sponge

Perfect for Make-up removal

Perfect as a gift for any occasion

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